First the Silence...

and music

Malaïka teaches us without speaking.

Without remarks to knock us off balance,

without explanation to interrupt our momentum.


Silence ... and music.


For an hour, the music is our master,

a music that is always new, from all continents,

all styles, chosen for its rhythm, expressiveness,

its color, its history, and for those who are there.


The music is our master and Malaïka is our guide.

At first we imitate, follow her gestures, her postures,

her steps. We yawn with her, move with her, loosen

our limbs, become light and heavy, inhale and exhale,

express the horizontal and the vertical, heaven and earth.


Everyone starts to dance to their own rhythm under

the watchful gaze and smile of Malaïka, from whom

nothing escapes, and who moulds the lesson by watching

our movements, mixing solos, duets, circles, encounters

and improvisation.


It is being away from our routines and out of our comfort

zones that help us abandon our habits and stereotypical actions,

to live in our bodies to our fingertips and beyond, to discover and

enrich a new language.


Accessories appear out of a box or are unhooked from the wall

without a word of explanation: sticks, veils, teddy bears, hats,

sunglasses, umbrellas ...


And now the dancer, the clown, the creator, the mime, the child

or the magician awakes in us, spoken to by the rhythm of the music.


To each their own style, vocabulary, sensitivity,

fears, restraints and joys.


Then the circle reforms, we unite our steps,

our breathing, our hands and our bodies,

before going to lie on a mattress, relaxing our limbs

one last time in a wholesome calm.


Nourished for the week, lighter, more alive, more real.



(Art thérapeute)