I realized that your practice is very rich

Hello Malaïka,


I think of you very, very often and finally I’ve found the time to write.

I was looking at my "Wishlist" and came across the order form for your book. I’d like to order it, but unfortunately this is not possible through the publisher. Is it possible you still have a copy for me?


 It’s a long time since we were last in contact! I often wonder what you’re doing now, whether you’re spending all your time on shiatsu, dance and all the other things. Do you still travel as much?


I also finally found a relaxation and dance class. It's not bad, it makes me feel good, but it’s not the same as your course ... I don’t think anything like it exists.


In New York, I also had a shiatsu therapist (Ohashiatsu), but it was no comparison to your shiatsu. After trying other therapists in Zurich and New York I realized that your practice is very rich and nourished by all the disciplines you have learned throughout the world. It is also very complete.


I’d really like to see you again and hope it’ll be possible in the course of the coming year. In the meantime, I hope that you're well and send you my best wishes for 2007.


With affection. M-C.